Accelerated Reader Book List


Follow the directions below in order to access your child's library book.  This can also be used to see if a book at home is a leveled book.  

*** Hendricks media center may not have the test on a particular book, so your child needs to check  at school in order to get AR points.  we are however doing our best to purchase more and more tests each year!


1.  Access the link below.

2.  Type in the title of the book where it says title.

3. Hit GO

4.  The book title will pop up with the level and points.

Accelerated Reader List


Below is the color of dot that corresponds with the level of book your child may be reading.


  1.0-1.9   2.0 - 2.9   3.0-3.9  
4.0-4.9   5.0-5.9   6.0 and up  

       Colors correspond to spine labels on books in the Hendricks Elementary Media Center

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