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The War in Europe

The Nazi Party

This website gives an extensive timeline over the 13 year period the Nazis were in power.  Read each photographic caption for a briefer overview.

Hitler's War Speech

An English translation of Hitler's speech to the Reichstag.

Mussolini's War Speech

Mussolini's declaration of war on France and England translated to English.
The Fall of France

This short map animation and accompanying text shows the fall of France into Germany's hands.

The Battle of Britain

Read a brief overview of the Battle over English soil.  Look at photographs and listen to new casts while the British people fight off an invasion by Hitler's Nazis.

D-Day Movies

A short movie about the D-Day Invasion at Normandy produced by the BBC.

V-E Day

This primary sources offers a variety of photographs of what London was like when they celebrated the end of war in Europe.

The United States and the Holocaust 

"During World War II, rescue of Jews and others targeted by Nazi Germany was not a priority for the United States government. Nor was it always clear to Allied policymakers how they could pursue large-scale rescue actions in Europe." (from the website)

America Response to the Holocaust

"Facing economic, social, and political oppression, thousands of German Jews wanted to flee the Third Reich but found few countries willing to accept them." (from the website)


Important People of the War

Winston Churchill

Read Churchill's biography and listen to some of his most famous speeches about Hitler, battle and victory.

Adolph Hitler

This website from the Biography Channel offers a brief overview of Hitler's life.
Benito Mussolini The Italian fascist dictator of WWII.

Ernie Pyle

This website gives some biographical information about the Indiana journalist who covered the war.  Audio is also included. 

Rosie the Riveter

Read song lyrics and text or look at some war posters to find out more about "Rosie" . 

Franklin Roosevelt

A brief overview of the president.  Scroll down the website's page to read about him during World War II

Joseph Stalin

Read more about the supreme ruler of the Soviet Union.


The War at Home

American Isolation

The Great Depression in America took it's toll all over the world.  In response to the global depression, America choose to isolate itself from the affairs of Europe.

Life Interrupted

This website offers a brief overview of the history of internment camps.  Note the 360 degree pictures under the multimedia tab.

Daily Life in a Japanese American Internment Camp

This website offers many primary objects to study about internment life.  These objects include photos, documents, manuscripts, paintings, drawings, letters and oral histories.

The Enemy Among Us

This companion site to the book "The Enemy Among Us" talks about the Prisoner of War camps in Missouri during WWII.  Check out the video for a first person account.

Victory Gardens

What does gardening have to do with a war?  Find out at this website.  Read, look at pictures and watch a short film clip about someone's experiences with their victory garden.


This interactive game let's you figure out what you would be able to eat during World War II.


Look at the posters on this site.  What are they wanting the people at home to do during the war?


"Therefore World War II was a unique situation for music and its relationship to warfare. Never before was it possible for not only single songs but also single recordings of songs to be so widely distributed to the population. Never before had the number of listeners to a single performance (a recording or broadcast production) been so high." (from 'Role of Music in WWII')


The War in the Pacific

Japan's Declaration of War A translated document from Japan that declares war against the United States and the British Empire.
Pearl Harbor Watch, read and learn from this National Geographic special site that gives users photos, videos, and maps of the small island of Oahu on December 7, 1941.
Battle of Midway Explore the ocean deep with oceanographer Robert Ballard as he searches for the sunken battle ships of World War II Battle of Midway.
Roosevelt's "Nothing to Fear" Speech Audio and transcription of President Roosevelt's address to Congress after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
Iwo Jima Watch a short video clip of the raising of the American flag at Iwo Jima and read the personal account of one son, who's father is one of the men made famous in the statue.
Fat Man and Little Boy From the Los Alamos National Laboratory, this website gives information and pictures about the secret 
V-J Day's Most Famous Picture Read the account of the nurse celebrating at Times Square in New York City when the Japanese surrendered on August 15, 1945.  
V-J Day Anniversary


Library Resources

World War II 

940.53 ADA

An Eyewitness Book that describes all aspects of the war with posters, text, pamphlets, artifacts and more.

Left for Dead: A Young Man's Search for Justice for the USS Indianapolis

940.54 NEL

Recalls the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis at the end of World War II, the navy cover-up and unfair court martial of the ship's captain, and how a young boy helped the survivors set the record straight fifty-five years later.

Hiroshima: The Story of the First Atomic Bomb

940.55 LAW

Gives an account, through documents, pictures and maps of the first city hit with an atomic bomb during World War II.

Life in the Hitler Youth

943.086 KEE

Discusses life among the Hitler Youth, including their ideology and activities, school and home life, and involvement in World War II.
Rosie the Riveter: Women Working on the Home Front in World War II 331.4 COL Gives an account, sometimes personal, of the women who worked outside the home during World War II.


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