Victorian England

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Category Title Description
Jobs Job Titles An alphabetical listing of jobs and their descriptions in Victorian England taken from the 1891 British Census.
Read and look here to learn more about lower and middle class jobs in London.
Social Class Find out what jobs were associated with which classes.  Scroll down to the "Social Class" section.
Education Schools Check out the photos about the school system in Victorian England.  Find out the difference between a Dame school and a Ragged school.
Schools During Victorian Times Answers all the questions you may have about schools during the time period.
Entertainment Victorian Leisure What did people do with their free time?  
Victorian Fun and Games Explore a little more of what Victorians did in their free time.
Housing-Interior Virtual Victorian House Tour Click on the three styles of Victorian drawing rooms (1830, 1870 and 1890)
Victorian Room Panorama Look around this room.  What can you tell from these artifacts?
Poor and Rich Homes Read about the differences between the poor and rich classes' homes.
Housing-Exteriors and Neighborhoods

Was There Much Difference Between the Homes of the Poor and the Homes of the Rich? 

Scroll down to Background to learn more.
Dufton Yard Dufton Yard is in the town of Leeds.  In Leeds there were upper, middle and lower classes living together.  This website provides daily life (and pictures) of each class.
Seven Dials-London What was Charles Dickens thoughts on Seven Dials, one of the most notorious slums in Victorian England?  Click on View More Photos to learn more.
Upper, Middle and Working Class Housing Look at the photograph on this webpage.  Who do you think lived there?  Look at the surroundings.  Are they nice?  Who do you think lives here?  What makes you say that?
Life Expectancy Mortality Go to page 24 and look at the graph.  Read it carefully as it is somewhat confusing.
Diet Workhouse Diet What did the poor eat?  Was it enough?  Read what a person in one of the six workhouses had to eat.  Make sure you read it left to right.  Click on this link to find out.
Bricks & Brass Meals Find out how well the middle and upper classes ate.  Be sure to read about 19th century families only.
Salary Salary How much money did one make each year?  Scroll down to "Money--Typical Incomes" to find out.
Clothing Victorian Clothing Can you sort out your stays from your stockings and your britches from your ruffs? Play the game and see if you can dress the Victorian and Tudor ladies and gentlemen correctly.
Themes Gallery: Clothing Who wore what and when in the Victorian era?  
Children Children in Victorian Britain What did children from poor families do?  Click and find out what the different classes of children did throughout their day.
Daily Life In A Workhouse What was life like in a workhouse?  Read what to expect living in a poorhouse.
In a Upper Class Home What's their typical day like?  Do you think it's easy or hard? 
What do the Servants Do All Day? Find out what a household servant was required to do on a typical day.  
Library Resources

394.2 KAL 

Victorian Christmas

Describes the elaborate Yuletide customs of the period between 1837 and 1901, when Queen Victoria ruled Britian, and discusses how these customs were adopted and sometimes changed in the United States during the same period.

941.081 SWI Victorian England

Text and illustrations describe several facets of Victorian England, explaining their effects on the people of the time; covers topics such as Queen Victoria, industrialization and population growth, politics, the middle class, protests, reform and science.

747.2 KAL Victorian Home

Takes a look at the various rooms in a grand Victorian house, explaining the design and purpose of each and describing the furniture, lighting, and decorations used in the context of daily life during the second half of the nineteenth century.

823 YAN

Life in Charles Dickens England

Describes the people and conditions of life in England during the time of Charles Dickens and examines how those conditions are reflected in his work.

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